Fresh Winter Wild Mushrooms!


Last spring we set out to find new and exciting ways to continue foraging for local wild foods, while also helping people to get fresh produce without needing to travel.
We would like help by offering a fresh delivery of wild-harvested produce boxes to your home each week. Anyone that would like a box can order here, message on our social media, or call us to pre-order, and we can deliver it to your home every Friday.
We offer different wild food boxes each week which change based on what we can harvest. These are available with no weekly commitment. Simply order a box whenever you like.

Dried Golden Chanterelle

Dried Golden Chanterelle


Golden chanterelles have a buttery, peppery flavour with hints of...

Fresh Italian Black Winter Truffle

Dried Wild Mushroom Mix

Dried Wild Mushroom Mix


Combining 7 varieties of wild mushrooms from across the Pacific...

Pine Mushroom Powder

Our Pine Mushroom Powder is loved by chefs across North...

Dried Morel

Dried Morel


Dried morel is a great way to keep this world...

Mountain Huckleberry Jam

A local favourite across the Pacific Northwest, mountain huckleberries have...

Lobster Mushroom Powder

Lobster mushroom has a meaty, nutty flavour with hints of...

Fresh Sweet Tooth Mushroom

Fresh Hedge hogs

Another winter variety, the sweet tooth mushroom has a similar...

Wild Mushroom Mix Powder

We use 7 varieties of wild mushrooms for our Wild...

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