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An extremely flavourful frozen berry, our Frozen Wild Mountain Huckleberries is a pack of alpine goodness perfect for baking and desserts. They have a sweet and tart flavour.  


A sweet almond-like flavour, the Saskatoon berry is a popular wild berry across North America. They are perfect for desserts and baking.


The pine mushroom or matsutake mushroom is famous in Japan and quickly becoming a favourite among chefs in North America. Its flavour blends well with many recipes. Grade - Broken…


Golden chanterelles have a buttery, peppery flavour with hints of apricots or peaches. It is well known and loved mushroom and it is easy to see why after trying it…

Sea Asparagus

Sea Asparagus also known as sea beans is a marine plant with tender stems and incredible light sea-salt flavour.


Frozen porcini is a wonderful mushroom to have year round to add to risottos, pasta dishes and sauces. With a strong nutty flavour it is really versatile to cook with.


Frozen fiddleheads are a great way to keep that taste of spring going all year round. With a flavour similar to asparagus they make a nice addition to any meal.

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Wild Mixed Berries

Our mixed wild berries are a blend of wild mountain huckleberry and wild blueberry. Wild mountain huckleberries are high elevation berries with a multi-layered sweet and tart flavour. Wild blueberries…

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Fresh Okanagan Haskap Berries (Honeysuckle)

  Frozen Okanagan Haskap Berries are a new addition to our specialty food collection. These are hand-picked from Okanagan Valley and delivered to you weekly. Haskap Berries also known as…

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Morel is widely loved and it will not disappoint. It has a meaty, nutty flavour that goes well with steak, pasta and soup. It is frozen so it can be…

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Stinging Nettle is a great wild green to sub in for any recipe calling for spinach or other greens. Cooking removes the sting, so don’t worry about adding this wild…