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Porcini Pasta

Porcini Tagliatelle - made in Italy by expert pasta chefs. It's a luxury & gourmet pasta with artisanal quality. Saachi porcini Tagliatelle is very versatile and can be used in classic…

Porcini Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil with a deep, nutty, porcini mushroom flavour and aroma.  


A local favourite across the Pacific Northwest, mountain huckleberries have a rich flavour and are high in antioxidants. Our jam is a sweet addition to your breakfast or after dinner…


The Saskatoon Berry isn’t common in the region, but where it grows we harvest it to make this delicious jam. Try it on toast or as a topping for some…


With an intense flavour, this jam is an antioxidant-rich spread to add more depth to your breakfast cupboard. They are a naturally sweet berry, which makes for a versatile jam.

Canadian Wild Rice - 0.5lb

A Certified Organic Wild Rice harvested from the lakes of northern Manitoba, this Canadian Wild Rice is the perfect addition to any recipe calling for rice. Its nutty flavour mixes…


Dried Stinging Nettle is a great herbal tea to have in your cupboard. It is high in many nutrients and is a natural remedy for many ailments.

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Wild harvested from the forests of British Columbia, our Big Leaf Maple Syrup is one of a kind. Darker in colour and stronger in flavour than the Eastern maple syrup,…

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B.C. fiddleheads are simply amazing pickled. They will spruce up any salad or sandwich, and their crunchy texture lends well to cocktails as a wild garnish.